fashion show is part of the fashion industry. however, it’s more than that. I believe Through my fashion, I want to transfer message for the people; today I like to share a best experience of my life how the fashion industry address inclusiveness through fashion in Ethiopia organized by US embassy of Addis Ababa.

Many people tend to think fashion is only for people with no physical or mental disabilities. And I think this is happening because people don’t see many people with disability wearing fashion forward clothes or styles. I think clothes are more than just to cover our bodies. We can use it, to express what we are made of! How strong we are! How we think of ourselves. Dressing fashionable clothe which do not contradict with our culture will boost confidence and self-esteem. As a designer, I will create different kinds of fashion forward glamour’s styles which also consider the basic requirement of the person with disability by giving emphasis on the color, fabric, and material and odor of the row materials that I use for my designs. For instance, I will give more emphasis on the color that I use for mental disabled models since color affects their mood. Also disabled people deserve equal opportunity, at their work place, school and society.

I always have a dream to contribute something for people with disability. When disable models are showing a fashion show in the runway it tells a story both for people with disabilities and people without disabilities. It shows that their confidence is exemplary for others who live in fear also a big reminder for the fashion industry to be inclusive. We can redirect the attention of the other seeing people to notice how he/she is bright in their heart instead of focusing on what he/she doesn’t have. I think most people don’t have enough awareness about disabilities unless they have someone in their families with disability. Most people are kind hearted if they have the proper understanding of the situation what the other person is in. when I say “kind hearted” I am not referring that a disabled person need a kindness, I’m referring how people are willing to change their attitude towards anything with the right kind of introduction to the facts and situations. I believe we can transfer such understanding through fashion.

my first experience was in 2017 it was amazingly successful, later I will share a pic. I teach myself a lot and I always remember the joys of my models. After the fashion show I am willing to help this cause in any possible way I can. I will keep advocating inclusiveness in the fashion industry. That’s why I want to write a blog about it even though I know that I’m a poor writer @Amour we always share what we know

I’m lucky enough to be part of the 2018 inclusive fashion show. keep reading and send us your love

I will get back to you on October 05 2018 with this year’s event.