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my love letter
Fashion gives me a voice.....

Dear Amour Family,

Thank You For Your Support!

Behind Every Product There Is A Story Of A Woman Whose Life Has Been Changed By Their Work At Amour. I Love That Realizing My Dream Is Helping To Inspire Dreams In Other Women.

I Was Born And Raised In East Africa, Ethiopia. I Did Not Have The Privilege To Experience Fashion, Nor Did I Have Famous Fashion Designers To Look Up To. It Was Just My Childhood Dream. I Did Not Get The Chance To Go To New York, Paris Or Milan Fashion Schools. I Believe Fashion Will Give Me That Voice.

My Family Encouraged Me To Follow The Path Of Software Engineering, As This Type Of Career Is Not Only Secure But Also Garners A Lot Of Respect In My Community. To Make My Family Happy, I Earned My Master’s Degree In Software Engineering And Was Very Successful In That Career Path. Yet, I Always Wanted To Pursue My Childhood Dream.

Although My Dreams For Myself May Differ From What My Family Wants For Me, I Could Not Be The Person I Am Today Without Their Support, Nurturing, Influence And Love.

So I Made The Decision To Become A Newbie Designer Who Wants To Make A Difference Through Fashion Designing And Address Key Issues Such As Girls’ Empowerment, Recycling, Poverty, Disabilities, Child Labor And HIV AIDS. I Want Other Women To Be Inspired To See That They Can Pursue Their Dreams, And Be Empowered By The Strength Of Other Women.

I Want You To Feel Strong And Happy When You Use My Products And I Want My Girls To Feel Strong And Happy By Making Them. Every Product Comes With A Story.

What Our World Needs Now More Than Ever Is More Love.

Can You Help Us Spread Love Around The World?

With Your Support, Amour Can Be Forever Known As The Global Company Of Love.

With love,
Zemen Amour Tefera
Founder of Amour Leather